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First of all, thank you. If you're reading this it's because you enjoy my work and this craft. I genuinely appreciate your interest in working with me on a project.

Thank you.


I am open to various styles and subjects and I'd love to see where you're coming from so please let me know what inspires you. It can be anything: a genre of art like art deco, an album cover, another artist's work or something I have already done. 


I accept projects of all sizes. This medium has some limitations when it comes to size - but nothing we can't figure out. I will only create designs that will last more than a century without losing structural integrity. You are paying for a hand-made product that is built with love - your grandchildren should be able to enjoy it just the same in the future.

Please measure out the area you would like to fill with art glass and provide those dimensions in your message.



My rate is by the square inch and varies depending on the complexity of the artwork.


What's it for? Where are you located?

What does the rest of the space look like?



Once we've agreed on a concept image and we're ready to move forward I will ask you for a 50% deposit so that I can purchase materials and begin work

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Add The Elegance Of An 

Ancient Artform

to your home or business

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