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What kind of paint do I use?

I currently use Reusche stainers and high-fire enamels.

What kind of Kiln do I use?

I am using an Evenheat 18" round kiln that I picked up at a garage sale for 250$.

Do I teach classes?

Ideally, if I had a larger studio, of course. I am, however, thinking about offering 1hr one-on-one online sessions to help guide  

you through whatever issue your current project has you stuck on, or for anything else I can help you with. This would be available through my shop.


I hand-build a custom styrofoam crate for your each piece that I send out with my own packaging technique to ensure your art arrives safely. I am located in Canada and can ship internationally - though please keep in mind shipping is more costly and complicated outside of North America.

How long does it take?

Sometimes I can pull off a small order within a week - sometimes that same order may take a lot longer, depending on how many projects are already on my table. Most customs require about a month to create but I would like to note that I am only one man and I'm the father of a toddler. So. Please be forgiving when it comes to deadlines - although if you need by a certain date (an anniversary, holidays etc) please reach out to me as soon as possible and I'll do my best to make sure you have several weeks between the deadline and the date you receive your glass.


During the commission process I will keep you updated with images as I go, for this reason I do not accept returns. If something is damaged upon arrival please contact me immediately.


Repair work is a separate service which I do not provide. Most local brick & mortar glass stores offer restoration, check out your local glass shop and hopefully they can return your window to its original glory.  


Just dust your window with a microfibre cloth. That's it! No chemicals needed. Keep your window indoors and away from danger.

Is lead dangerous?

Yes, but mainly for me. I maintain a clean studio and prioritize safety. Washing your hands after handling the piece will keep you in the clear. As long as you don't use my artwork as a dinner plate you should be totally fine.

For wearables I use only lead-free solder.

Lead came vs copperfoil

People in the industry will claim that only lead came will suffice as the sole, proper way to make a stained glass window. Lead came is essentially an "I" shaped channel that sits between two glass pieces, joining them together. The channels are soldered at the joints and then cemented in place. The results are beautiful. 

However, by personal preference, I work with copper foil. I make very, very small pieces sometimes and copperfoil is the only way they're going to fit. 

Is it real? 

I love this question and it's such a high compliment to receive it. Yes, you can see the process here. Click here to see read some of my favourite comments.

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