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Hand-painted & Kiln-fired

Stained Glass

by artist Jesse Olwen

"A consummate craftsman, Jesse Olwen has built a burgeoning career in glass by exploring many tracks of multidisciplinary art and fusing them into his work. His willingness to engage painstaking blends of processes and ambitious subjects means he's been able to develop a diverse but unmistakable style bringing together fantasy, playfulness, mastery of technique and personal passion.


His current work expands on earlier explorations of realistic subjects rendered in great detail but veers towards the fantastical. Choosing bold contrasting colours and dramatically sectioned faces that bring out the essence of human exploration in a form both familiar and foreign at once."

- Ian Cibula



I am delighted to announce that my work will be included in the American Glass Now 2024 exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in participation with the American Glass Guild.


The show is running from June 7th to September 8th 2024.


hemlock stained glass

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